March 15, 2020

What kind of powder do you use?

By Ange's Table

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s the middle of March.  The days are getting longer.  Warmer weather is heading our way. 

The sun needs to come up a bit sooner, still.  Is your alarm enough to get you out of bed?  I really do need that bright sunshine in my face. 

I hope everyone has been safe with COVID-19.  I really don’t understand why toilet paper is flying off the shelves.  And hand sanitizer.  But there is still plenty of soap to buy.  HHmmmmmm…why is that?  Frequent hand washing is so important.  Not just when viruses are spreading around, but everyday.  Always.  Good personal hygiene.  Good social hygiene.  I think these things should be taught in school.  We also need to bring back basic home economics classes.  Knowing how to feed and take care of ourselves is vital.  

Social media, some news outlets, and of course gossip are making people believe we will have a zombie apocalypse.  I understand it is scary how fast this virus is spreading.  But if we all remember to stay home when not feeling well, cover our mouths and nose when sneezing and coughing, wash our hands with soap and water correctly and frequently, we can help slow the spread of COVID-19.  It is also necessary to disinfect your door knobs, light switches, stairway railings and other frequently touched surfaces in our homes if someone does become ill. With any bug.  

Hopefully with the precautions being put in place by our local and federal government, we can minimize any long lasting negative effects.

One of the items I noticed cleared from the shelves was baby powder.  I suppose if you have a baby, then you would need that.  Maybe not every bottle on the shelf, but I get it.  So what do you do if you are allergic to corn?  Most baby powders are made of corn starch.  The solution I came up with…TAPIOCA STARCH!!  You can use it a 1:1 replacement in baking, so why not on my skin.  

I have thought about adding lavender to it, or a vanilla bean, but I prefer to not have a fragrance in it.  I work in a medical office, and it is best to not have fragrance on.  It can adversely affect some patients.  


I keep a shaker of tapioca starch with all of my other personal care product.  Having safe replacements for all aspects of living with allergies is essential.  I never want anyone to have to use something that could hurt them, when I have found something that won’t.  

Let me know how tapioca starch worked out for you.  Leave a comment below, or connect with me on Instagram @Anges_Table.