April 12, 2020

Stuffed Burgers

By Ange's Table

Happy Sunday.  

What are you doing today?  I plan to get some exercise in, hopefully go for a walk around my neighborhood. 

Possibly binge on some new TV.  Do you have any recommendations?  We don’t have Netflix, we have Amazon TV instead.  I mean, if I have to pay for my Prime membership, and I get TV service with it, why not use it, amiright????

Have you tried out Pluto TV yet?  That is our other service.  It is actually not bad.  I watched some old movies on there.  My favorite so far has to be “She Devil” with Roseanne.  So damn funny!!

Now go make yourself some of these burgers, settle in front of your TV, then come on back here and give me something new to watch!

I have my cheese cut up and ready to be placed in the middle of the burgers.
I used ring molds to make my burgers the same size. Use an ice cream scoop to portion out the top and bottoms. My scoop was on the smaller side, so I did 2 scoops on the bottom, then some sliced cheese, then 1 overfull scoop on top to cover all the cheese.
My stuffed burgers all ready to be grilled.
We cooked these on the stove top grill pan.
Topped with some mushrooms, and potato wedges on the side. So good!!

Stuffed Burgers

This one is more of guide instead of recipe.

Portion out your ground meat into how many burgers you want to make.  You can do regular sized or sliders.  Then break those in about half again.

Using a mold is very helpful.  Put 1/2 meat  in the mold, a few pieces of your cheese, then the other 1/2 of meat on top, making sure to not have any cheese showing.

Grill on med-low flame, you can tent with tin foil if cooking inside.  You want to make sure your cheese is all melted on the inside.

This burger is so delicious.  You can change the meat and cheese you use for infinite possibilities.  

What version did you make?  Leave a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table