March 3, 2020

Not your average tartar

By Ange's Table

Are you competitive?  Normally, I’m not so bad.  My husband, myself and our friends went to an indoor racetrack recently.  We had to watch a video on how to drive the Italian electric karts.  One of the things they repeatedly stated was that these were not bumper cars.  So here I am, like a good little girl following the rules.  Thinking I’m not doing so bad.  I haven’t hit any walls, or crashed into anyone.  And then I’m hit from behind.  Not sure who it was.  I saw my husband pass by, along with one of our friends.  I get situated, and start going again.  And then my husband passes me again.  Wow, right?!?!

So I think nothing of any of this.  I keep going until they flag us in.  Now they told us its not about who comes in first place in the race, but who does the fastest lap.  In the race,  I came in last.  Dead last.  But in who had the fasted lap, that was me!!!!  See, the tortoise wins sometimes.

Okay, so maybe we can be just a little competitive.

That’s okay, as long as there is a good meal waiting after, we are all winners.

Now go make some tartar sauce.  Its delicious, on anything.  

Doesn't that look scrumptious?
Dice up some pickles,like these pickled carrots we had in the fridge
Spoonful of mayo
Mix in well, add some pickle juice to thin it out

Tartar Sauce

Mix your mayo with diced pickles.  I used pickled carrots. 

Stir into mayonnaise.  Add in pickle juice to thin out to your preference.

Season with salt to taste.

What other pickles have you used to make tartar sauce?  Leave a comment below with your favorite choice.

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