March 4, 2020

What do you do with your leftovers?

By Ange's Table

Welcome to the beginning of March.  The month where one day you need to dress as if you are in the Arctic Circle, and then you can break out your favorite flip flop and sun dress 2 days later.  I swear, March is Bipolar.

With spring just around the corner, most of us want to clean everything out.  Start the new season with a fresh, clean beginning.  Personally I like things clean all the time, but then again I’m not really normal.  (Shh!! That’s a secret.)  So I decided to clean out the fridge.  Organize the shelves, remove any produce that is no longer recognizable. Don’t judge. 

I hit the jackpot!  Leftover Roasted Chicken!!  Yummy flavored chicken.  But I wanted lunch, so I made Roasted Chicken Salad.  This chicken salad is SO good.  And since I used my homemade mayo, I know it will be creamy and even more deliciouser.  Yes, I think I just made my own description.  Someone, contact Websters to have it added.  Deliciouser.  More delicious.

Just go make a chicken.  Then shred it for this chicken salad.  You’re welcome. 

Score! Roasted Chicken
Shredded by hand
Mix your seasonings well, before adding in mayo
Add mayo to your liking

Chicken Salad

In a bowl, mix your chicken, garlic powder, salt and carrots.

Add in mayo, starting with 2 Tbsp, adding in more to your taste.

Serve as desired with your favorite toppings.  I like bacon. 

Do you have lots of leftovers?  We usually do, which means GREAT lunches during the week. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite leftovers find in your fridge.

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