yucca patties on plate to serve
September 24, 2020

Not Potato Latke

By Ange's Table

Hey, hello there.

How are you doing on this fine September morning?  Have you started school where you are?

How are things going in your neighborhood?  Have the schools opened for in person learning where you are?  

Table Jr is college aged.  Taking all of his classes completely online did not work out well for him.  Thankfully he is able to take this semester off, and has been looking for a job.  When he applies for his classes again, I would like for him to do 1 or 2 at a time.  More for himself, to not get so overwhelmed.  It is hard going from hands on with help, to doing all on your own.  Especially when you have special needs.

How have you adjusted to online school?  I have family in PA, that have done schooling this way for their children for years.  They are some of the most talented, well rounded kids I know.

You keep hearing how children need social interaction.  And that is totally true.  But if you are involved in your church, or if the kids do any kind of sports, or dance, they are having interaction.  And I know lots of things are not open yet, but the park is outside and open.  The beach is outside and open.  There are so many things we can do for our children to have the social interaction they are missing from not being at “in person” school. 

Sometimes I feel parents put too much on teachers, and other individuals in our childrens lives, to make sure they are getting differnt aspects of life.

I am a parent, and it is MY responsiblilty to make sure Table Jr has all he needs.  I have never, and would never blame the school,or a teacher because my kid cannot play or hang out with friends.  The teachers are there to give our children instruction on reading, writing, math, sciences.  Not how to play tag, or the proper way to behave out in public.  As a parent, those are your responsibilties.

You will hear teachers and para’s say they are not a babysitting service.  That is 1000% true.  

Maybe this virus is here to remind all of us what is important.  The movie stars and big name sports figures are not what is important in this world.  Making sure my family has a roof over our heads and food on the table is what is important.

Tragedy should not be the factor to remind us what we hold dear.  I pray that we would all be able to wake up, take a look in the mirror, and know that family, whether it be by blood or choice, is what is most important.   

To show how much I love my family and how important they are in my life, I cook for them, during the week or for a holiday celebration like Rosh Hashanah.

Shanah tovah! May your year be blessed.  I am not Jewish, but Jesus was. How do you think He reflected during this time?

It is a new year, a new beginning.   Let your family know how much you love them.  Send a text message, call your aunt, send a card to your uncle.  Reach out to that person you have been thinking about, just to say hi.  You will feel so much better for it, and so will they.

I pray you stay well, and enjoy a blessed time with family and loved ones.  Here is a simple yucca side dish that you can share at any time of year.

grind yucca in a food mill
Add the steamed yucca to the food mill, mashing makes the yucca very gummy
yucca after food mill
After going through the food mill, this is what the yucca looks like
add grated onion to yucca
We used purple onion, but use what you have on hand
fold in egg and flour to grated yucca
Mix by hand for the best texture
yucca patties to fry
Gently place the latke in the preheated oil
gbd yucca patties
Brown on both sides
close up yucca patty out of oil
So delicious out of the fryer

Not Potato Latke

  • 3/4 yucca, steamed
  • 1 1/2 tsp seasoned salt mix
  • 1/4 cup grated onion
  • 1 egg
  • 2 Tbsp cassava flour
  • oil to fry Latke 

Add oil to a pan, set over medium heat.

Place food mill over a large bowl, rice the steamed yucca through.  If you mash the yucca, it gets very gummy.  This gives the best texture.

Add in grated onion, egg, salt mix and flour.  Mix by hand to combine all ingredients.

Form into patties, and fry on both sides until the yucca is brown and crispy.

Remove from oil to drain any excess.  Salt as soon as they come out of the fry oil.

Serve with yogurt, sour cream or applesauce.


Have you ever made Latke with something other than potatoes?  We served ours with dairy free yogurt.  How will you eat yours?

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