happy birthday to me
April 28, 2020

My 40th

By Ange's Table

Well, its here.  My 40th birthday.

I am thankful for my family, our health, the roof over our head and the food in our bellies. 

But fuck I wish I was camping.  I asked for my 40th if we could place our camper, in one location for the entire season.  We have left 2 different campers in 2 different camp grounds for “extended stays.”  Basically a couple of months at each one.

And I totally loved it! Just pulling up to the campsite, putting the food away, and being able to just enjoy the campground.  No set up, or take down.  Its more like going to your “weekend house” than a camper.  I feel so grown up.  My weekend house.  I like that.


view front door

So I see on social media people doing all kinds of fund raisers for their quarantine birthday.  I don’t want anyone’s money.  For my birthday, I want everyone to take 15 minutes for themselves.  No phone, computer, iPad, social media.  Take a few minutes to just be.   I promise you’ll thank me for it.  


I hope everyone has a great day.  I know being with my husband and son, it will be the best of birthdays.

Love you all!