August 5, 2020

Fresh Basil

By Ange's Table

Good morning to you.  How are you doing today? 

I hope you are having a productive first week of August.

Last week, I did some work in the garden.  There was a lot of basil growing, so I picked a bunch. 

Not everyone will agree, but I think my herbs need a good cleaning with water when they come in from the garden.  I do not  use any chemicals in my plants, only natural compost and soil.  In trying to stay as natural as possible, we have bugs.  And spiders, and caterpillars, and crawly things.  Therefore, a good washing is in order.  But do try to be mindful of the fact these are delicate leaves.  I just prefer my protein from other sources than bug, ya know. 

Carefully clean each leaf to remove dirt or critters
Lay each leaf out to dry and return to its original shape
Layer the basil leaves with paper towels as needed

This is a great way to have fresh basil on hand, clean and ready to go.  

All laid out with enough room so they are not touching
Top with a dry layer of paper towel
Loosely roll up the layered basil leaves
Clearly label your bag with the date picked, and store in the refrigerator

You now have clean and ready to use basil leaves for all of your dishes.  What will you use them in?


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