June 5, 2020

Crazy World We Are Living In

By Ange's Table

Hello there you wonderful humans!  How are you today?  Its Friday, so smile.

Can we talk a minute about what is going on in the world?  

Why do some people think they can behave any way they wish.  And that they are above the law?  How would these same people feel if they, or their mom, wife, daughter, father, husband or son were treated in the same manner they treat others?  Remember when your mom told you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” 

The best part of our country is that we can all have different opinions on the same issue.  But just because we differ, does not mean we can or should be mean, or threatening.  I hope everyone can find some peace in this crazy world we are currently living in.  Strange viruses, looting, killing of unarmed people, and just plain meanness.  

I pray everyone can just take a breath, step back, and look at all the good in our world.  All of our lives matter, no matter what color our skin is, who we love, or what our job may be.  We are all human beings.  We can love a dog or cat no matter the color of their fur, so why can’t we love each other?

It hurts my heart to know that my son will grow up in a world where bullies are the “norm.”  Where people go on social media and say horrible things about people that they have never even met.  We all want better for our children and the next generation, so why are so many acting like this?  

I know that not every one will agree with me, or like what I have to say.  And that is OKAY.  We are allowed to have different opinions.  Just be nice.

I hope you all have a great day, and weekend.  Get outside, get some fresh air.  Be kind to yourself and others.