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November 18, 2020

Butternut Blender Bread French Toast

By Ange's Table

Good morning to you.  How are you doing today?  Is your city or town back into lockdown mode?

Well, it looks like we are going to end 2020 not any better with this COVID situation than we are now.  It is so sad really.  

I wish all of these politicians would just use some common sense.  I understand that too many people together can spread this virus.  And when you have lots of people together that don’t know each other, or what those peoples activities are can make it worse.  We all understand that.  But to place a curfew of 10pm?  How does that help?  Can you only catch COVID after 10pm?

You can go out to eat, and order an alcoholic beverage.  But you cannot go to a bar and order an alcoholic beverage.  I guess restaurants have immunity to COVID?  Some of these things the politicians are doing are just wrong.  I feel they are putting these “mandates” in place just because they can.

Personally, I am not going to any restaurants.  It was only a few places I would go to before all of this anyway because of my limitations with foods.  We have ordered from home a few times from these places.  But if I wanted to go to the bar at our local place, I cant?  Why?  How does taking a mask off to eat keep me safe, but taking the mask off to drink gets me sick?  Come on now.  Where is the rationality behind this?  I say there isn’t any.

So while we are all home again, let us try to remember it is the holiday season.  Decorate your house early.  Bring smiles and sunshine in, even if it is rainy and cold outside.  Get some nice comfy pj’s, find a good movie or show on tv, and try to forget about the news for just a little bit.  You’ll see how much better you will feel.

And while we are all in, lets use up all those leftovers in the fridge.  We made Butternut Squash Blender Bread and had half of a loaf left over.  So what is a girl to do with bread, on a cold and rainy morning?  Thats right, french toast.  With lots of honey on top.  OMG!  This was really amazing.

butternut blender bread french toast on grill
forkful butternut blender bread french toast
butternut bread french toast on dish
This Butternut Blender Bread French Toast has all the fall flavors in one bite.

Butternut Blender Bread French Toast

  • 6 slices Butternut Squash Blender Bread
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1/3 cup oat milk
  • pinch salt
  • 1/4 tsp ground allspice
  • splash vanilla extract
  • fat of choice to cook french toast

Heat griddle on medium heat.

Mix beaten eggs, milk, salt, allspice and vanilla until frothy.  

Lay sliced bread in a flat baking dish, pour the milk mixture over bread to soak.

Once the pan is ready, carefully move each slice of soaked bread to the hot pan.  Cook 5-6 minutes per side.

Remember to grease the pan before placing the french toast slices.

Serve drizzled with orange blossom honey or real maple syrup.


What other kinds of bread do you turn into french toast? 

Leave us a comment below to share your favorite recipe. 

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