November 15, 2020

How are you doing?

By Ange's Table

Good morning.  How are you doing today?

How are things going for you lately? Are you doing well?  Can you believe November is already half way over?

I have to say, I am doing well here.  I am still working from home.  Its not that bad being in my pj’s all day, really.  How are things where you work?  Do you feel safe?  Have many people gotten sick?

Thankfully Mr Table works outside, so things are a bit better for him.  His coworkers are all aware, and all have families that they are trying to keep safe as well.

I know the school that is downstairs in the building that I worked in had to close due to COVID.  So my question is this, if you are unable to open windows, at all in the entire building, and the filtration system is sub-par, does that not mean that every person, no matter which part of the building you work in has been exposed?  This is where my fear comes in.  

I am a relatively healthy and active person in my 40’s.  So is my husband.  But our son has a problem with his immune system.  What if I am one of those people who can carry COVID and be asymptomatic?  Then again, what if my son is someone who can beat this disease, and be fine?  These are risks that I am not willing to take.  

I know some folks out there think this is a game, its not a real virus, or its just like the flu.  And for some people, it is just like the flu.  But then there are others, who have died.  Including  members of my family.  

No one can know for sure how much longer this virus will be around.  I’m thinking it will be here forever.  Hopefully not in the same capacity that we are seeing now, but just like the Bubonic Plague is still around, I think COVID will unfortunately be here to stay.

Please stay safe, be well, love each other.  Get outside for fresh air.  Check on your neighbors.  Now more than ever, with the holidays fast approaching.  Not all of us will be able to see our families, and have large holiday celebrations.  Make sure to smile at those you pass on the street.  We don’t know what someone else is going through, but your smile or good morning can turn their day around.

I pray you are all well.  Until next time, have a great day.