close up worcestershire mushroom
October 20, 2020

Worcestershire Mushrooms

By Ange's Table

Good morning.  How are you doing today?

Has October been a better month for you?

Life has been really crazy around here.  I have been working from home since August.  Prior to COVID I was the Clinical Supervisor in an extremely busy ENT office.  I have been working for the same company for almost 19 years.  When the time came to end furlough, and go back to the office setting, I realized it would not be a safe move for me.

Table Jr has an immune deficiency, and does not make the part of his immune system that protects our nose, sinus, throat, lungs, stomach and intestine.  Anything that has a mucus membrane.  So I have taken a large step back, and now work as a call center agent answering the phones from home.

Making a career change, this late into my career, was hard.  Some people have asked me what am I doing,  going from being a supervisor to having an entry level position.  But when I really think about it, I will and would do anything to keep my son safe. 

I am so thankful and blessed to still have a job.  Yes, it is way different than what I was doing.  And yes, the pay matches the position.  But still being able to have a paycheck, to put food on our table, and know that our bills are paid is really all I need.  We are a simple family, and don’t need extras to make us happy.  We make ourselves happy. Knowing we are safe, and I am not in a position to put anyone in my house in danger from this crazy virus is something you just can’t put a price tag on.

Making dinner every night has not changed since I have been working from home.  Sometimes I wonder how I got everything done before.  I am still working a full time position, and still have all of my “mom chores” to handle.  I just don’t understand how I fit so much into the shorter time periods that I was at home.

Here is a quick and deeply satisfying meal we had for dinner this past week.  I am still not eating meat.  I wish I was, but my body does not want it.  I will listen to my body, and keep feeding her all the veggies she needs.  😁

slicing mushrooms for worchester side
Quarter the mushrooms, half the smaller
mushrooms and garlic worchester side
Mushrooms and garlic all ready for the pan
mushrooms in screaming hot pan for worchester side
Make sure the oil is screaming hot
add garlic to mushrooms worchester side
Don't burn the garlic!
add worcestershire to mushrooms
The best 3 ingredient side dish ever!
mushroom worchester on dish
So flavorful!

Worcestershire Mushrooms

  • 12-15 mushrooms, I used White Button and Baby Bella
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4-6 shakes Worcestershire Sauce
  • 2 Tbls olive oil

Heat a pan over medium high heat.  Add in olive oil.

Cut the mushrooms in quarters, or half if they are smaller.  

Once the oil is screaming hot, add the mushrooms to the pan.  Cook over high heat 2-3 minutes.  

Add garlic to pan, cook about 45 second to 1 minute.  Be very careful to not let the garlic burn.  The pan will be very hot.

Once the mushrooms are all coated in garlic and oil, add in 4-6 shakes of Worcestershire sauce.  Mix well.

Let the sauce come to a bubble, it will happen very fast, again mix well.

Serve and enjoy! 

We served these Worcestershire Mushrooms with grilled cabbage wedges and chickpea pasta.  How will you eat yours?

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