March 12, 2020

Strawberry Fields

By Ange's Table

I love music.  There are so many choices to listen to.  Hip-hop, rap, country, R&B, soul, jazz, modern, kids songs.  I don’t think I would be able to name them all if I tried. 

Personally, I have a very eclectic taste in music.  The presets in my car are country, today’s popular music, Christian, oldies, R&B, and classic rock.  I remember being in the car with my mom as a kid, and trying to change the radio station off of the “old music.”  Now, I’m the one in the car putting on the “old music.”  Is it just me, or are our ears automatically preset to not like the “music of today?”

I loved rap music growing up.  Even today, if I hear Biggie or Tupac on the radio, it stays.  Period.  But if my husband tries to leave on the rap station now, I need to change it to classic rock.  I can feel my old age setting in.

So here is to my love of all kinds of music, and food. 

Strawberries are food.  They make the best toppings for “ice cream,” pancakes, waffles, my fork.  Did I mention its fruit, so its healthy.  It will help you get to through the  next revolution in popular music.

Slice some strawberries
Add a spoonful of coconut sugar
So delicous!

Strawberry Topping

  • 1 pint strawberries
  • 1-2 Tbsp coconut sugar

Wash your strawberries. 

Slice and place in a bowl.  Sprinkle sugar over the top. 

Set aside for 10-15 minutes. 

Serve as a topping on your favorite foods, like waffles.  

Since I can eat the strawberry, I can eat its seeds.  I have found that if I can eat the fruit or plant, then I can have their seeds.  Like strawberry, zucchini, and banana. 

What are your dietary restrictions?  

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