April 21, 2020

Springtime in our yard

By Ange's Table

Hello all! 

The days are finally getting nicer, and I can finally be where I am most happy. 

Outside.  Fresh air.  Breeze on my face.  I need it.  Like I need to eat or sleep, I need to spend time outdoors.

Weekend mornings with a cup of coffee, at the patio table is how I like to start the day.    

chair in yard

You can hear the birds, the sounds of nature.  I love hearing these sounds at home in the city.  

yard bench

I can watch the squirrels steal the food from the bird feeder.  Those squirrels really are fat. There is a family of squirrels that live nearby.  The buffet is open in my yard I suppose 🤣

And admire my Weeping Willow tree cuttings.  It is still a bit cold here overnight, so I have them in small pots for now, and will replant closer to June, or if they out grow the pot.  Which ever comes first.  

tree cuttings yard

My thyme plant from last year did so well.  It survived the winter, getting buried in the snow.  I will be able to dry lots of thyme this year. 

thyme plant yard

There is an  old rose bush in my yard left from when my father planted them for my mother somewhere in the 1980’s.  It blooms every year, but only one or two.  I have been cutting this one back a bit every year for the last few years now, and I am so glad that new branches are starting again.  And low too! 

growing rosebush yard

Keeping the yard clean and inviting is a hard job.  Especially added to regular household chores.  But I honestly enjoy it.  Which is weird, cause you will never see me happy to vacuum.  Or clean a bathroom.  But if its time to weed the yard, prune the roses and sweep up, I’m your gal.  

I guess because I am doing the work outside.  There is just something about the feel of freedom.  No roof over your head, just the blue sky.  Sun on your face, just perfect.  Even with the hard work.  


Do you prefer yard work, to house chores?  Leave a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table and let us know.