croutons out of oven

Good morning all.  Happy Monday to you?

How was your weekend?  We finally brought our camper to the mountains.  I have to say, being out in the fresh air, seeing people we haven’t seen in months, even from 6 feet away, is so nice.  It is nice to be able to go somewhere and feel safe.  We all have been having too much anxiety lately, and the fresh mountain air really helps me.

What helps you to feel better?  Do you have a hobby?  My hobby is usually cooking, and I am still trying to get a bread recipe down.  Why is gluten free bread baking so hard?  Especially when you cannot use seeds, or gums or fillers to make the gluten free bread feel and behave like “regular” bread.  Here is another use for “bread fails.”  Although, I can’t call this one a fail.  Yes, I did not get the sandwich bread that I wanted, but I got the yummiest croutons for my salads.  And being a person with 6456840654106 allergies, it is SO hard to find croutons.  What’s a Caesar Salad without croutons?

croutons before oven
Make sure your bread cubes are in a single layer
crunchy crouton
Cut them in bite sized pieces
croutons out of oven
These smell so good right out of the oven
crouton close up
Nice and crispy, and garlicy


  • Slices of bread, any variety
  • Favorite spices or seasonings
  • Olive oil

I think croutons come out the best in the toaster oven.

Cube up your slices of bread.  Put in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil, and a few shakes of your favorite seasoning.  I used garlic powder and parsley.

Lay them flat on the tray for your toaster oven.

Set to toast, mix well.  If they are not as crisp as you would like, set to toast again.

Keep an eye on your croutons so that they don’t burn.


Have you ever made your own croutons before?  How do you like to season yours?  Leave a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table.