July 24, 2020

Can you cook for one?

By Ange's Table

Hey all.  How are you doing today?  

I have a question for you, do you know how to cook for one?

Theoretically, I know how to cook for one.  Just cook less, right?  I really can’t do it though. Why is this so hard for me?  It’s not like I eat it all at one time, although sometimes if I try hard enough…..

Cooking for a large crowd is something that I have been doing since I was a 12 year old girl.  Its just what you do in a big Italian family. Even now, we are only 3 people in the house, and there is a 95% chance there will be leftovers.  

Personally, I like leftovers.  Sometimes I eat them as they were the first time, sometimes I make a whole new meal. I think that is the only time I can cook for 1.  But then again, I’m only heating up a dish of food, hmmmm.  I need to work on this.  Can anyone help?

Having extras of our go to foods, and family favorites in the fridge or freezer is really never a bad thing.  I was alone for a few days, and really had trouble cooking just for me.  One night I grilled up a pork chop, but still had way too many pierogi left over. 

I guess this is a start,right?

dinner for 1 pork chop

If you have suggestions on cooking for one, I really do want to hear them.  Only making one piece of protein, I think I got down.  Its the rest of the meal where I just can’t seem to gauge the amount. 

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