loaves of breadfail
May 2, 2020

Baking Bread Fails

By Ange's Table

Baking bread. 

Its been done for thousands of years.  I know that women in 1544 were not going to the store to choose which kind of flour they wanted to bake with today.  “Hmm Sally, should we get the gluten free blend?  Who wants rye again?” 

Depending on what was grown in your part of the world, you made your bread out of whatever your grain was.  Wheat, oats, rye, corn.    

I have made excellent pancakes, and waffles with just oats and oat flour.  Muffins too.  Why does bread have to be so difficult.  Oat flour makes the most delicious sourdough.  My breads come out tasting fantastic.  But the texture is all off.  

We have plenty of breadcrumbs.  Very tasty breadcrumbs.  If we could only have tasty bread too.

I won’t give up though.  I will get a loaf of gluten free bread, that does not have gums, or seeds, or additives.  

loaves of breadfail
So much for that slit on top
inside slice bread fail
The center is so dense
sliced bread fail
It slices well
sliced bread fail in blender
Even kept its shape being shoved into the Ninja
breadfail crumbs
The smell from this bag was intoxicating
bag of breadfail crumbs
Yummy breadcrumbs for all my recipes

Even though I have failed, multiple times trying to bake a good loaf of sandwich bread, I won’t give up.  I can do this.  

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