July 17, 2020

How well do you sleep?

By Ange's Table

Good morning all.  How are you doing today?

Today I want to talk about sleep.  I love to sleep.  When I was younger, I could literally sleep 24 hours straight.  But lately, I am having so much trouble staying asleep.

Is it because I am “older?”  That can not be, I mean come on, I am only 40.  But is this the age where a fly buzzing down the stairs by the back window will wake me up?  Let me tell you, I don’t like it.  Not one bit.

I have read all the information on the harm of our cell phones, and tablets in the bedroom.  Falling asleep with the TV on is something that  I have been doing  since I am a child.  I honestly do not watch much television during the day, at all.  There might be something on the small non-cable having TV in our kitchen for back round noise.  Honestly, who has time to sit in front of the TV all day long?

There are black out curtains on our windows.  We keep the curtains closed in the other rooms upstairs as well, for 2 reasons.  One, to help keep it cool during the day.  And two so that our neighbors flood light, and the front street lights don’t make it too bright in the house at night.

We have the most comfortable Tempurpedic bed.  It is king sized, but since the cat has taken over the bed, we might need something bigger.  😂

We even have blackout curtains in our camper bedroom

We have even gotten into the habit of washing the cat every few days to make sure she isn’t bringing too many allergens into the room.  Ms. Gersey likes to hang out in the yard.  It is all concrete, but she does still roll in my planters. 

gersey in the planter
So much for using the planter in the bench

I make sure that I do a good deep stretching before going to bed.  My husband and I are in bed between 9-10pm every night.  Even on the weekends for the past few months.  

pooh sleeping

The both of us have stopped drinking coffee after dinner.  I have even cut out my afternoon cup, and I still am having trouble sleeping.  I am open to suggestions, please.  How do you stay asleep the whole night?

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