bloom onion out of fryer
May 16, 2020

Crispy Fried Whole Onion

By Ange's Table

Morning.  How are you all doing today?

I really used to like to go to this chain restaurant, just for an appitizer they had.  Its a whole onion, cut just right and fried to crispy yumminess.  I think the cutting of the onion is the hardest part of this.  Then you make sure all the nooks and crannies have a flour coating, and fry away.  

I have made these in my deep fryer, and I have also used a pot of oil on the stove.  Either way, please be safe.  Never fill the oil more than 1/3 the way up the side of your pot.  I know others would say 1/2 way, but I have had oil overflow TOO many times.  Fun times, let me tell you.

I try to use the biggest onions I have, only because this is so good, and we are always looking to see if there is just a little more.

wet mix for bloom onion
Oat milk soak
dry for bloom onion
Seasoned flour
how to cut onions for blooming
Carefully slice from the root down
top of onion after cut for bloomin
Your onion should look like this
getting flour on bloom onion
Make sure to get flour in every layer
bloom onion in fryer upside down
Fry cut side down
close up crispy bloom onion
So crispy and delicious

Crispy Fried Whole Onion


2 large onions



Peel the outer skin from your onions.  Turn upside down on cutting board.  

Using a paring knife, make slices from just under the root all the way down to create pieces to pull off and eat later.  

Soak onions in wet mixture about 1 hour.

When ready to fry, drain excess liquid from onions, and dredge in dry mixture.  Make sure to gently peel layers apart to get dry mix in all parts of the onion.

Place in fryer cut side down.  

Fry 15-20 minutes until the onion is cooked through.


This onion is so tasty, we usually fight over who gets the last piece.  Leave a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table and let us know how much your family loved this.