March 9, 2020

Happy Gotcha Day!

By Ange's Table
Our girl, Gersey

Are you a cat person?  Are you a dog person?  Why can’t I just be a pet person, who happens to have a cat?  Dogs are great companions.  They love you no matter what.  Are always happy to see you.  Shower you with kisses and love. What a great way to be greeted when you come home. 

Then there are cats.  Its a cats world, they just let you visit.  You are allowed to feed them, tell them how pretty they are, and how much you love them.  They’ll let you know how they feel, by turning around and walking away.  God, I love my Gersey girl!

Today I want to celebrate a member of our family.  Happy Gotcha Day!!  But why do you have to be such a jerk? 

My husband and I went out with friends for the afternoon to the Liberty Science Center.  I’m just a big kid at heart.  There was a Humane Society directly across the street.  So we went in, looking for a dog.  We decided our family was ready for a new pet.  Our previous cat passed away 2 years before, and we felt it was the time for a 4 legged child again. So we went in, saw the dogs, and ran in the other direction.  All animals need a loving home.  And they need someone who can care for them correctly.  Large aggressive and hyper dogs are not a good fit for our family life.

The staff was wonderful, and suggested we go upstairs to the cat room.  Just to have a look.  And this little cutie came on over.  She rubbed herself all on me, and that was it.  All that talk about getting a dog, and we left with a 5 year old cat.  Welcome to the family Gersey.

"I don't care that you are trying to make the bed mom, I see a BIRD!"

They are so cute!  You can hold them, until they scratch you.  And they come when you call them, if you are holding the bag of treats and banging the cabinet door.  They let you complete your chores too, very helpful making the bed.

"I see you coming into my yard Mr. Squirrel."

Ms. Gersey is a great “Watch Dog Cat”.  She’ll let you know if anyone, or anything is in the yard.  Or walking up the front walkway.  

"Make some room for me too!"

And then you get all comfy on the living room floor to watch a movie, and they think your head is their pillow.

"Don't worry mom, I got you."

While I was home sick recently, Gersey stayed with me every day.  Every where I went.  She would sit close to me, or behind me, and keep her paw on my shoulder.  She was here to comfort me, and lift my spirits when they were low.  And just like that, they make you forget what jerks they can be.  Hey, are cats really teenagers????  

"Hi there."

Do you have a pet?  Is Gersey my pet, or am I her human???

Leave me a comment with photos of your favorite cuddly friend.

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