June 8, 2020

Burgers at the Campground

By Ange's Table

Good morning.  Happy Monday to you.  I hope you had a great week!

Do you like to go camping?  I love it!  My husband and I started tent camping many years ago.  Then we upgraded to a pop up camper.  Last year we upgraded again to a travel trailer.  I know, most people will say what we do is not camping.  And they would be right.  Cable TV, air conditioning and a full bathroom with a shower is not real camping, but I’m in the campground.  So therefore, I am camping.  😉

When you go camping, what do you cook?  I know some people eat burgers and hot dogs.  And that is all.  Anything to cook on the grill.  And those things are great!  But since we have a full kitchen in our camper, I cook the same way as if we were at home.  And I guess we are home.  Just a smaller one that we pull with our truck.  

Honestly, I could live full time in our camper.  I am so intrigued by #VanLife.  Could you live in a converted van?  Or a camper?  Less to clean.  The ability to travel all over, and still sleep in my own bed?  If I could do this tomorrow, I would.  What should I do with my son and husband?

Burgers on the grill
Gotta have sides for the burgers
This one is mine!

I used @UdisGlutenFree sandwich bread for my burger.  And yes, that is real cheddar cheese on my burger.  I feel the beets off set the bad cheese, no?

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