turkey nachos on plate waffle chips
August 8, 2020

Turkey Nachos

By Ange's Table

Hey there.  Can you believe we just finished the first week of August?

How are things going for you so far?

I have been trying to come up with some new ideas of food for myself, not only for the blog.  It does get hard sometimes trying to figure out what to make, and what will be a good fit for this blog.

Turkey Nachos came about because I love anything you can eat with your hands.  And who doesn’t love a fresh fried chip, with gooey black bean puree and chunks of perfectly spiced meat?  Ummm Yes please!

There was some very lovely turkey tenders that we got with our last shopping order.  I don’t know why people only think of turkey at Thanksgiving, or for a sandwich.  We use turkey a lot in our house.  Any recipe you want to use chicken in, just replace it with turkey.  Ground turkey works so well to replace beef in most recipes as well.

Go ahead, leave your poultry comfort zone, and make these Turkey Nachos.  You won’t regret it.

season both sides turkey with taco
Season both sides of the turkey tenders with taco seasoning
turkey waiting to go into grill pan
Heat the grill pan over medium high heat. Look how the color changed with the taco seasoning. You can see the flavor.
turkey flipped over for nachos
Grill on all sides
cooked turkey for nachos
Let the turkey rest before slicing (Click the photo for more.)
black bean puree for nachos waffle chips
Puree the beans for a gooey sauce on the nachos (Click the photo for more.)
2close up my dish turkey sweet potato nachos
How good does that look?

Turkey Nachos

Rub each tender with 1 tsp taco seasoning.  Let rest 30 minutes.

Heat a cast iron grill pan.  Cook tenders 3-4 minutes on each side, until cooked through to 165’F.

Cover, let rest 10 minutes before slicing.

To build nachos, layer waffle chips on dish.  Drizzle with pureed black beans.  Add on turkey.  Then more chips, bean puree and more turkey.

Top with lettuce, olives and a squeeze of lime if desired.


How many of your “favorites” do you combine to make a new meal?  Leave us a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table and let us know.