2 sausage socca taco on dish
August 16, 2020

Sausage Socca Taco

By Ange's Table

Hey there.  How’s it going today?

Been up to anything new?

The other day I was cleaning out the pantry in the camper, and had no idea what I wanted to eat for dinner that night.  I figured I would find something, and make it.  Do you do that too?

So I came across a bag of chickpea flour.  It’ been a bit since I last made socca, so I knew that would be a part of dinner.  But what else to make with it?

I just couldn’t decide what to make, and then it hit me.  Socca Tacos!  I always have beans on hand, and just knew socca would be the perfect for tacos.

So we made a batch of black beans, socca, and grilled up some delicious sausage.  I have to say, this was FANTASTIC!  


socca for sausage socca taco
Let the socca batter rest before cooking
beans with spices for socca sausage taco
All we need for great beans
bean puree for sausage socca taco
Cooked and pureed to be a yummy spread for the tacos
grilling sausage for sausage socca taco
Grill up your favorite sausage
cooking socca on little cast iron pan before flip sausage socca taco
We used the cutest cast iron pan
cooking socca on little cast iron pan sausage socca tace
Look at the color on that socca
plain socca on dish for sausage socca taco
Freshly cooked socca
sausage socca taco just beans
Spread some delicious bean puree
2 sausage socca taco on dish
Top with arugula and the sausage
holding sausage socca taco with bite
So good
close up sausage socca taco
You can see how flavorful this is
sausage socca taco on fork
Want a bite?

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new things to make.  I understand.  Especially when the pool of foods to choose from is limited, its nice to come up with new ways to eat the same foods.  It makes me feel like I am having something brand new.

What new ways do you come up with for eating your favorite foods?

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