close up cooked onions and zucchini
August 19, 2020

Quick Zucchini and Onions

By Ange's Table

Good morning!

How are you doing today?  Don’t forget to smile.  At anything.  I promise it will make you feel better.

Today I have a quick one for you.  Zucchini and Onions go so well together, and with so many different meals.  You can cook up a big batch of this, and have a  great vegetable side to use all week long.

onions and zucchini
Chop up the zucchini and onions about the same size
starting onions and zucchini in pan
A wok works so well for this
cooking onions and zucchini
Cook on high, stirring frequently
close up cooked onions and zucchini
Look at that great color on the zucchini

Zucchini and Onions

Wash and chop the zucchini into chunks.

Peel the onion, and chop into about the same size as the zucchini.

You will want a large pan for this, a wok works extremely well.

Heat the pan over medium high heat.  Add in oil.

Once oil is hot, add in all the onion and zucchini to the pan. 

Stir frequently, cooking over medium high heat. 

Cook 12-15 minutes, until the vegetables are cooked al dente.  Now you can salt the zucchini and onions.


This Zucchini and Onions work so well in so many different ways.  You can serve just like this.  Over pasta or rice.  Added to salad, really any way you like.  

We had it with a bit of coconut aminos as a side with chicken wings.  It was perfect!  How will you serve this Zucchini and Onions?

Leave us a comment below, or tag us on Instagram @Anges_Table.  Can’t wait to hear how you had this dish.