close up grilled portobello
December 8, 2020

Portobello Ribs

By Ange's Table

Hey.  How are you today?  I hope you week has started off well. 

I wonder how many of you are wondering, “What in the world is this girl talking about, portobello ribs?” I know, there are no ribs on mushrooms.  I just really wanted some.  And since I was making Oven Baked Ribs  for Table Jr, the craving was even worse.

So I used some imagination, grilled up some slices of portobello, slathered with Sweet Mustard BBQ Sauce, and let them rest in the oven at 250’F for 30 minutes while I got the rest of dinner ready.

Let me tell you, I was one happy momma.  Being vegetarian has not slowed down my food imagination.  I wonder what else I can come up with?  Do you have any ideas for me?  Anything you would like me to try to create?  

Until then, try some Portobello Ribs, and enjoy life.  Pairs great with a gluten free beer, or 3 😇

add moms bbq to grilled portobello ribs
Grill the portobello on both sided, then brush with BBQ sauce
my dish portobello ribs
These were so good!

Portobello Ribs

Preheat a grill pan or outside grill to medium high heat.

Once the grill pan is nice and hot, grill portobello slices on each side 6-8 minutes, until cooked through and you have nice grill marks.

Brush with BBQ Sauce on either side.  Grill just 1-2 minutes to get a nice char on the sauce.

Serve with your favorite sides.


Have you tried grilling sliced portobello?  

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