mushroom tenders
December 13, 2020

Mushroom Tenders

By Ange's Table

Good morning.  How has your weekend been so far?

Last week I received sliced portobello mushrooms in my grocery order.   You hear all the time how mushrooms are a great meat replacement, so I thought “Why not.”

I was going to be making chicken cutlets with my homemade breadcrumbs for Mr Table and Table Jr, so I thought trying some breaded and fried portobello would be a great dinner for me.  Guess what, I was right!!  

Now before anyone gets upset that mushrooms do not taste like chicken, I know that.  I was not trying to have chicken, I was just trying to have a similar meal to the rest of my family. And I have to say breaded and fried sliced portobello was a great replacement for the cutlets that the rest of my family was eating. 

Do you also like to eat a similar meal to everyone else?  There have been times when I have asked a friend or family member what was on the menu for a holiday or special occasion, and they get all excited that I can eat it too.  But I need to remind them that although I cannot have exactly what everyone else is eating, I try to make something that goes along with what they have.  

Call me cray cray, but it makes me feel more included when my dish looks like your dish.  I guess its human nature to be included.

Anyhoo, if you choose to make something like this for you and your family, just remember to bread and fry your mushrooms before the chicken. 

mushroom tender out of oil
What is better than fried food?
fried mushrooms out of oil
So delicious and satisfying, don't you agree?
mushroom tenders
My mushroom tenders with broccoli rabe and homemade Pasta Salad. Click the photo for the recipe of pasta salad.

My hope is to show you how delicious and satisfying all of your meals should be.  No matter what our food limitations might be.

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