sky at campground
July 13, 2020

Making time for friends

By Ange's Table

Hey there.  Hows it going?  Monday is here again.  Are you ready for this week?

With all the craziness that is still going on in this world, we have not been able to see our family and friends.  I am very excited to say that I am finally getting to be with a friend.  For a few days too!

I have spoken before about my love of camping.  Well guess what, she loves camping even more than me.  This girl is hard core, in a tent with her son, for a week at a time, since this boy was a baby.   I don’t know if I could do a tent, with a 6 year old for a whole week.  You go gurl 💪🏽

Since Pennsylvania has entered the Green Phase, we can do all the activities in the campground, as well as get to visit the local attractions.  Now, I will not be doing anything indoors.  Breathing the same recirculated air never sat well in my gut.  Now with COVID, I don’t know if my family will ever get me to spend any significant amount of time in a building, of any sort, outside of our home.

nature at campground
water at campground 2

Now getting me to spend time outside, when this is where I will be will not be hard at all.  The fresh mountain air, warm days and cool nights are the best. Being out in nature with friends are the best memories to make.

road to pool campground
trees campground

This is our “block” in the campground.  Not bad at all.  If we look down the street, we can see the pool.  If we look out our front door, we have trees and nature.  Really, what could be better than this?  Maybe living like this all year round.

water at campground
cabins at campground

The nicer weather is here.  Get outside and do something fun.  Meet up with a few people you trust.  Go to the beach, for a walk, ride a bike or even sit outside in the sunshine for a bit.  Not only do we all need a good dose of Vitamin D, having something different to do really does so much for our well being. And seeing your friends will put a smile on your face.

I pray you all have a great week.  Be safe and enjoy the sunshine.

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