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July 22, 2020

Hand Whipped Mayo

By Ange's Table

Good morning to you all.  I pray that you slept well.  How has your week been so far?

I am doing well, keeping busy, staying out of trouble.  Maybe….

Are there times when you want something.  Like really really want it, and you can’t just go to the store and buy it?  That’s how I felt the other day.  I wanted egg salad something feirce.  But I didn’t have any mayo.  But I had eggs, and oil.  So what do I do?  Whipped up some mayo by hand.

Having as many food allergies as I do, it is really hard to just walk into a store and buy something pre-made.  I know that there are all different kinds of oils used to make mayonnaise, but since I am allergic to 8 out of 10 choices, it is just safer if I make my own.

That is where Ange’s Table came from.  I have so many things I make or recreate, friends and family asked that I share my recipes with them.

Mayo is something that most people don’t really think about.  You want a sandwich, or some tuna salad, or how about that really good dip?  Lots of these things start with mayo.  

I wanted egg salad for lunch, but did not have any mayo.  So I made my self some to feed my craving.

hand whipped mayo 1 tbsp oil
Once the yolks, mustard, vinegar and salt are frothy, add in oil 1 Tbsp at a time
keep whisking until all oil incorporates
Whisk until all the oil is incorporated before you add in the next tablespoon
hand whipped mayo
Look how smooth and creamy

Making mayo is so much simpler than you think.  You just need to follow a few simple rules, and take your time.  Its a great arm work out.

Click the photos, or HERE for the full recipe.

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