getting grill night food ready
October 8, 2020

Dinner on the Grill

By Ange's Table

Hi!  How are you today?

It is almost the weekend, you can do this!

When you cook dinner, does everyone eat the same thing?  We all like different things in our house, so there are some nights that dinner looks very different on all of our plates.

When we us our grill, most times we each get to choose what kind of protein we want.  I honestly love the fact that we can all be so super happy with our meals.

Someone has said to me, “What do you run, a restaurant?  You eat what I put on the table, or you don’t eat at all.”  

It truly is not a bother or problem to grill a steak, next to a piece of chicken.  Or pork.  Or salmon.  I am standing there anyway, or Mr. Table is there.  😉

I want the memories at my table to be happy ones.  Where we are all laughing, talking, and enjoying each others company.

There are too many times in my memory that I just did not like what was cooked for dinner.  And I was either forced to eat something that I did not like, not have dinner, or cook for myself.  So that is what I did most times.  

It was not to be disrespectful to my mother, who I am sure did her best to put a good meal on the table.  There are just some foods that I did not like growing up.  Some of those foods I have grown to love as an adult.  I don’t know if its because I cook them differently, or because I now have an “adult palate.”  

Jr seasoning lamb chops
Jr seasoning his Tbone lamb chops with @TraderJoes Garlic Salt
yummy sides cooking
Broccoli and yucca sides getting all yummy
getting grill night food ready
Homemade BBQ Rub for Mr's steak, @TraderJoes Lemon Pepper to top off my salmon
my dish grill night
Dinner was delicious!

Will you make more than one thing at dinner time?  How do you cook multiple foods?

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